10th International Conference on Ecological Informatics

Translating Ecological Data into Knowledge and Decisions in a Rapidly Changing World.

24-28 September 2018, Jena, Germany

Welcome to the 10th International Conference on Ecological Informatics. The conference aims to bring together researchers interested in data-intensive ecology – both from an ecological and a computer science point of view. After successful biennial conferences in France, Australia, Italy, South Korea, United States, Mexico, Belgium, Brazil, and China, the 10th International Conference on Ecological Informatics will be hosted in Jena, Germany, 24-28 September.

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Best Poster Award

  • 88 votes
  • 1. Matthias Körschens, Friedrich Schiller University Jena, Germany: Towards Automatic Identification of Elephants in the Wild.
  • 2. Hans Christian Wittich, Technical University Ilmenau, Germany: Multimodal Plant Species Identification.

Keynote Speakers


Maarja Kruusmaa
Tallinn University of Technology, Estonia

Talk: Aquatic sensing using underwater robots: preparing for a deluge of environmental data.


Marie A. Roch

San Diego State University, USA

Talk: Mining and management of eco-acoustic data.


Debra P. C. Peters
Agricultural Research Service (ARS), United States Department of Agriculture (USDA), USA
Talk: Harnessing the power of big data in ecology by machine learning.


Duccio Rocchini

University of Trento, Italy

Talk: A look beyond biogeographical theories: advances and challenges.

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