Hands-on: Bayesian Belief Networks

29 Sep 2018
13:30 - 15:00
SR 113

Hands-on: Bayesian Belief Networks

Bayesian Belief Networks for Integrated Ecological Modelling to Assess Communities and Ecosystem Services

Peter Goethals, PhD, Ghent University, contact: peter.goethals@ugent.be
Marie Anne Eurie Forio, PhD, Ghent University, contact: marie.forio@ugent.be

Brief description of the course content
The course aims at giving insights into the strengths and potential applications of BBN
networks to model and analyze species distributions, communities as well as ecosystem
services. The course is aimed at participants with basic ecological and modelling knowledge,
but even participants with limited computer background should be able to follow. Every
aspect of the hands-on exercises is learned from scratch, and no experience is needed with
programming or particular software packages. Slides, texts and databases will be on-line
disseminated at the start of the course.

Important is to bring a laptop, preferably will a loaded battery, on which the free version of
Netica is installed. You can download this software for free here. Versions are available for both Windows as Mac.

Schedule 13h30 – 15h
Exercises related to species distribution modelling and analysis will be provided in two parts:
a first exercises will introduce the integration and use of a habitat suitability model,
followed by a similar model making use of historical species distribution conditions. The
third exercise will be related to implementing and using a BBN network model for water
quality assessment, with some insight exercises.
• Exercise 1: HSM modelling
• Exercise 2: HSM modelling based on historical distributions
• Exercise 3: BBN models for water quality assessment