R1.1 Ecological Monitoring

28 Sep 2018
10:30 - 12:15
Lecture Hall 2

R1.1 Ecological Monitoring

R1.1 _ Ecological monitoring by camera, thermal and acoustic images. (Session Chair: Marie Roch)

Camera traps, thermal infrared videos, and soundscapes are non-invasive monitoring techniques of elusive animals without significantly sacrificing analytical accuracy. These methods reduce field hours for estimating demographic parameters, inventory species, and migration patterns. Automatic classification systems of camera, thermal and acoustic images allow large datasets to be analyzed over short timescales, and yield valuable information for natural resource decision-making.

Talk 06-11

Annotating Species Trait Images with Absolute Size Information Using Mobile Devices
Martin Hofmann, Marco Seeland, and Patrick Mäder

Understanding the relationship between soundscape and landscape features in a Tropical Andean environment
Camilo Sanchez-Giraldo, Estefany Cano, William E. Gomez, Diana C. Duque, Claudia Isaza, Carol Bedoya and Juan M. Daza

Using automated species identification in passive acoustic recording to test the acoustic niche partition hypothesis in Neotropical frogs
Estefany Cano, Carol Bedoya, Claudia Isaza, Juan M. Daza

Automated recognition of people and identification of animal species in camera trap images
Laura Hoebeke, Michiel Stock, Stijn Van Hoey, Jim Casaer and Bernard De Baets

Optimisation of video monitoring of fish for reef assessment and management
Stijn Bruneel, Amber Schoeters, Rafael Bermudez and Peter Goethals

Complimenting long-term bird monitoring observations with acoustic sensors and camera traps: best of both worlds
Elizabeth Znidersic, Michael Towsey, David M. Watson, Kelly W. Roy, Sarah E. Darling, Anthony Truskinger and Paul Roe