R1.1 Ecological Monitoring

27 Sep 2018
15:00 - 16:15
Lecture Hall 2

R1.1 Ecological Monitoring

R1.1 _ Ecological monitoring by camera, thermal and acoustic images. (Session Chair: Marie Roch)

Camera traps, thermal infrared videos and soundscapes are non-invasive monitoring techniques of elusive animals without significantly sacrificing analytical accuracy. These methods reduce field hours for estimating demographic parameters, inventory species and migration patterns. Automatic classification systems of camera, thermal and acoustic images allow large datasets to be analyzed over short timescales, and yield valuable information for natural resource decision-making.

Talk 01-05

Keeping the Human in the Loop: Towards Automatic Visual Monitoring in Biodiversity Research
Joachim Denzler, Christoph Käding and Clemens-Alexander Brust

Cyanobacterium blooms: a new hydroacoustic approach for ecological monitoring and investigations
Ilia Ostrovsky, Assaf Sukenik, Sha Wu, Ernst Uzhanskii and Boris Katsnelso

The Diversity of Heath Flowering Phenology – Revealing Fine Scale Patterns of Heterogeneity by High Resolution Drone Cameras
Carsten Neumann, Robert Behling, Sibylle Itzerott, Gabriele Weiss, Matthias Wichmann and Jörg Müller

A method for automatic creation of a vegetation map using high-resolution aerial photographs of unmanned aerial vehicles
Masatoshi Denda, Sayuri Yoshioka, and Yoshiko Maeda

Automating biological monitoring on the Northern Andes of South America: combining biology and machine learning for conservation
Juan M. Daza, Claudia Isaza, Carol Bedoya, Estefany Cano, Diana Duque, William Gomez and Camilo Sanchez-Giraldo