S1.1 Earth Observation

24 Sep 2018
14:00 - 16:15
Lect. Hall 2

S1.1 Earth Observation

S1.1 _Earth Observation for ecosystem analysis and decision making. (Session Chairs: Klaus Joehnk and Janet Anstee)

Earth observation data is acquired from satellites, airborne platforms, and in-situ measurements on land and in water. Combined with modelling tools this yields detailed insights into ecosystem functioning from small to large scales and allows for improved prediction algorithms, which then provides decision makers with reliable and up-to-date information.

In this special session we want to address the challenges and opportunities
of the use of Earth observation data in modelling and forecasting of ecosystem trends. This can be, but is not restricted to, water quality modelling, harmful algal blooms, biodiversity trends, ecosystem accounting, etc.

Keywords: earth observation, remote sensing, water quality, bio-optics

Talk 01-09

Challenges and opportunities of Earth observation for the prediction of water quality in inland waters
Klaus Joehnk and Janet Anstee

Integration of near-surface and satellite observations for algal bloom detection
Janet Anstee, Klaus Joehnk, Phillip Ford, Tim Malthus, Elizabeth Botha, Marit van Oostende, Eric Lehmann, Xavier Ho and Stephen Gensemer

Connectivity and Synchronisation of Lake Ecosystems in Space and Time – CONNECT
Stella A. Berger, Sabine Wollrab, J.N. Nejstgaard, H.-P. Grossart, G. Singer, F. Hölker, A. Jechow, J. Fischer, T. Ruhtz, P. Gege, T. Sachs, M. Labrenz, G. Lischeid, R. Röttgers and T. Schneider

A constrained depth-resolved artificial neural network model of marine phytoplankton primary production
Francesco Mattei and Michele Scardi

A neural network approach to infer the 3D chlorophyll-a field from remote sensing observations
Michela Sammartino, Salvatore Marullo, Rosalia Santoleri and Michele Scardi

Spatial patterns of Leaf Mass per Area of wetland vegetation under water stress analyzed with imaging spectroscopy
Hannes Feilhauer, Thomas Schmid, Ulrike Faude, Salvador Sánchez-Carrillo and Santos Cirujano

Exploring environmental variables based on ecotopes derived by remote sensing
Julien Radoux, Brieuc François, Thomas De Maet, Quentin Vandersteen,
Elie Khalil, Pierre Defourny

Interactive tool for real-time delivery of remote sensing based vegetation maps and support of botanical data collection
Adam Kania