S3.5 Plant Traits and Biochemical Cycles

25 Sep 2018
16:00 - 18:00
Lecture Hall 2

S3.5 Plant Traits and Biochemical Cycles

S3.5 _ Plant traits and biogeochemical cycles. (Session Chairs: Jens Kattge, Susanne Tautenhahn, Michael Bahn, Han Wang and Oskar Franklin)

Plant traits extend the range of earth observations to the level of individual organisms, providing a link to ecosystem function and modeling in the context of rapid global changes. However, overcoming the differences in temporal and spatial scales between plant trait data and biogeochemical cycles remains a challenge.

This session will address the role of plant species, biodiversity and adaptation / acclimation / optimality and their connection to the biogeochemical cycles of water, carbon, nitrogen, and phosphorus.

We welcome conceptual, observational, experimental and modeling approaches, and studies from the local to the global scale, including e.g. remote sensing observations and novel concepts and tools for the acquisition, management, analysis and synthesis of trait data.

Keywords: plant traits, biogeochemical cycles, functional biogeography, ecosystem modelling, plant adaptation / acclimation / optimality

Talk 09-16

A general framework for global mapping of plant traits with operational satellites and climatological data
Alvaro Moreno-Martinez, Gustau Camps-Valls, Nuno Carvalhais, Jens Kattge, Markus Reichstein, Emma Izquierdo, Daniel Heestermans Svendse, and Steven W. Running

Potentials and challenges of remote sensing functional trait diversity by integrating high-resolution spaceborne multispectral and radar measurements
Xuanlong Ma, Miguel Mahecha, Mirco Migliavacca, Talie Musavi, Fons van der Plas, Ronny Richter, Sophia Ratcliffe, Raquel Benavides, Daniel Pabon, Timo Domisch, Leena Finér, Jens Kattge, Markus Reichstein and Christian Wirth

How are spectrally relevant plant traits distributed across plant functional gradients?
Teja Kattenborn and Sebastian Schmidtlein

Remote sensing for the observation of senescence in Conference pear trees
Laura Paladini, Stephaniie Delalieux, Laurent Tits and Ben Somers

Towards the Automatic Extraction of Plant Traits from Textual Descriptions
Onatkut Dagtekin, William Ulate and Riza Batista-Navarro

Phenological diversity is linked to the diversity of functional traits in alpine grasslands
Gianluca Filippa, Edoardo Cremonese, Marta Galvagno, Mirco Migliavacca, Christine Römermann, Solveig Franziska Bucher and Talie Musavi

Spatiotemporal trends of vegetation carbon residence time across forest biomes: linking plant traits, soil properties, and climate change
Kailiang Yu, William Anderegg and Tom Crowther