S3.8 BEXIS 2

27 Sep 2018
15:00 - 16:15
Lecture Hall 5

S3.8 BEXIS 2

S3.8 _ Using BEXIS 2 to facilitate science from data collection to data publication. (Session Chairs: Roman Gerlach, Javad Chamanara, Sven Thiel, David Schöne and Nafiseh Navabpour)

This session is dedicated to researchers using the BEXIS 2 research data management platform. We invite short presentations from the user community that showcase the usage of BEXIS 2. Showcases can be related to any data management aspect (e.g. metadata creation, data structure definition, data publication) supported by BEXIS 2. In addition, we encourage users to contribute potential features and improvements that they would like to see in BEXIS 2.
Contributed presentations should, first, describe a specific data management problem, and then demonstrate a solution within BEXIS 2. Besides such showcase, we encourage any other experience report. Although presentations are expected primarily from the users’ community (i.e. researchers), we also expect a number of developers and data managers of BEXIS 2 instances to be present in the session, which may lead to some fruitful discussion. After each talk, there will be time for discussion.

This session is intended to provide a forum for the BEXIS community, which in previous years met at the annual BEXIS User and Developer Conference. This year the conference has been suspended in favour of the ICEI conference. However, the session is open to anyone else interested in BEXIS 2.
Keywords: research data management, BEXIS 2 platform, data sharing, data publication, open source software

Talk 01-05

Research data management with BEXIS 2 – An overview and introduction to the special session
Roman Gerlach, David Blaa, Javad Chamanara, Nafiseh Navabpour, Sven Thiel and Martin Hohmuth

Using BEXIS 2 as efficient research data management system for the ATTO research project
Marcus Guderle, Jošt V. Lavrič, David Schöne, and Susan Trumbore

Enhance BEXIS2: from pure data management to an information system
Andreas Ostrowski and Eleonora Petzold

Data Visualization: a new module for BEXIS 2
Nafiseh Navabpour and Roman Gerlach

Showcase: Biodiversity Exploratories Information System – Report of our data migration to a new BEXIS2 instance
Andreas Ostrowski, Eleonora Petzold, and Sirko Schindler